Sunday, April 20, 2008

My fathers unit at the Cuartel De Espana, Manila

Quartermaster Depot, 31st Infantry - Company A
Cuartel de Espana Roster as of 12/8/41
Disposition of Unit at Wars end

Horton, Thomas R. Lieutenant Colonel Infantry O-16513 9/6/42 Died of diseases in Cabanatuan.

John C. Hayes First Lieutenant, 0-374853 Quartermaster Corps 4-15-42, Murdered on the Bataan Death March, in Orani, Bataan,

Richard C. Hudson: Tech Sgt Survived. Released from Fukuoka Camp #23 at Keisen. Died 1988

James Baldassarre, M/Sgt Survived. Released from Camp Hoten, Mukden, Manchuria. Died 1972.

Luther G. McElhaney, S/Sgt. QMC 06529331 Died on the Death March, April 13, 1942.

William H. Green Sergeant, Quartermaster Corps 06296790 October 8, 1943 Died of Diseases in Cabanatuan.

Fred Duncan, Cpl., Survived: 6661241=CPL=Released from Camp #11 in Japan.

James G. Barnhill, QMC 6796317 7/31/42 Died in Cabanatuan of Diseases.

Merritt B. Estus Private First Class, U.S. Army 06983394 QMC, died on board the Arisan Maru, 10-24-44.

Densel T. Snyder Private First Class, U.S. Army 19019216 QMC, Died: June 10, 1942, in Cabanatuan of diseases.

John E. Hecker, Private First Class QMC 6840601 died on 9/14/42, in Cabanatuan, of diseases.

Abraham Cohen Private, U.S. Army 06519808 QMC Died: June 16, 1942, in Camp O'Donnell.

John D. Cox Private, U.S. Army 19019971 QMC Died: September 7, 1944, on the Shinyo Maru.

Edward Gorodesky Private, U.S. Army 06145897 QMC Died: September 7, 1944, on the Shinyo Maru.

Joseph O. Meklensek Private, U.S. Army 19052523 QMC Died: May 30, 1942, in Camp O'Donnell.

George William Greenwood, Private, 06931952 QMC Sept. 7, 1944, died on board the Shinyo Maru.

Savage, Herbert N. Private QMC 20930296 11/5/42, died in Cabanatuan of diseases.

Thomas Wilson, Pvt. 31st Infantry Regiment 17018698 7/18/42, Died in Cabanatuan

James E. Knight, Pvt, 19051756=QMC=Released from Sendai 6B Hanawa, in Japan. Died 1951.

Edmund C. Alexandrowicz Private, U.S. Army 06947996 31st Infantry Regt. Died 12-22-42, in Camp Hoten, in Mukden, Manchuria

Lester O. Miller, Private QMC 6728269 8/17/42, died in Cabanatuan of diseases.

Donald D Oakes Pvt., QMC released from Sendai 6B Hanawa, Japan.
There were 22 members of the Quartermaster depot for Company A, 31st Infantry, Manila.
Seventeen of the Twenty two did not survive the war. A 77% death rate.
Two died on the Death March-
Two died in Camp O'Donnell
Eight died in Cabanatuan
Four died in Hellships
One died in Camp Hotem- Mukden, Manchuria
As of 4/20/08, all are deceased.


Candie said...

My father, Kenneth Earl Davis, Staff Sargeant was also at el Cuarto de Espana according to Richard Hudson's information sent to me via my brother Kenneth A. Davis. He was 31st Infantry, Quartermaster Company also, a regimental draftsman according to what my father told me. My father never spoke of the Cuartel that I can remember but he called it "Roosevelt Park" where he was stationed as a draftsman. He was also a fixed-station radio operator. But his name is not in this list. Any help clarifying?

Bataan Son said...


Your father was with Headquarters company of the 31 Infantry. Probably because he had a skill required by HQ. Usually typing, electronic or unusually intelligent and useful to the brass. When the war broke out, HQ company was sent directly to Bataan to set up communications and control. The rest of the 31st went to Corregidor and then Bataan.
Your father was at the Cuartel De Espana prior to the war. That is where the 31st Infantry was quartered, including my father. Since they were both Quartermaster men, There is no doubt in my mind that they knew each other.

If your father was at roosevelt Park, he couldn't have been there for very long. Roosevelt Park was abandoned on Janurary 6th, 1942 and a new perimeter was established at Layak which was behind the Abucay line of defense. Communications were critical and your father must have been a very busy man.

I hope this helps a little. I have communicated with your sister Carol recently. I am hopeful that you and Ken will be attending the Convention of the American Defenders of Bataan and Corregidor in April, in Reno, Nevada. Ken spoke of the two of you going on a site seeing trip to the Philippines. It is something I have dreampt of but life keeps interfering with my plans. I recently sent Ken an email checking to see if he was going to attend but have yet to hear from him.

All the best!