Thursday, January 19, 2012

My Move to Bataan

After years of researching our fathers who fought in the Philippines in WWII from my comfortable surroundings here in California, I am making a permanent move to Limay, Bataan in the Philippines. Limay is a few miles north of Mariveles and the site for Hospital #1 during the battle for Bataan and the site for the main Quartermaster dump for our forces.
I visited the Philippines for the first time in November, 2011. My tour guide was Edna Bautista Binkowski, a resident of Limay, who has in depth knowledge of the history of all the engagements with the enemy and knows the terrain as only a native of Bataan would know. She is the author of a book about an American woman by the name of Claire Phillips who did much to aide our POW's in Cabanatuan and suffered for her deeds at the hands of the Japanese. The book is Titled "Code Name Highpockets".  I have the greatest admiration and respect for her abilities and knowledge and can heartily recommend her should you wish to tour the areas of interest in the Philippines.
As for myself, one can only do so much from California. To be living in Bataan is more than a dream come true. I visited in November, 2011 and discovered the mystery which my father tried to imbue in me with his stories when I was a child and teenager. I never understood his attraction to the Philippines until last November. Nothing I can describe to you in this blog will provide you with the epiphany I underwent while there. You must visit, you must engage the culture and the people to understand the draw of the Philippines.

For me it included meeting Edna Binkowski's sister, Rosalie, who I intend to marry, yet I was already hooked before Rosalie came into the picture. I was in the Philippines for two weeks and did not want to leave. It has a powerful effect on anyone who tours there. As of February 6th, 2012, i will be a resident of Limay, Bataan and if you visit, please let me know at . I would be happy to assist you in any way.


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