Sunday, January 24, 2010

Recently discovered photos

Leaflet dropped on Mindanao

Lts. Raymond Sloan and Allen Strauss from the 17th Pursuit Squadron. Sloan was killed when his area was over run by the Japanese positions

Generals Wainwright and Percival after release

Lt Dyess on March 10, 1942 after a raid on Jap positions

P-35's destroyed at Nichols Field

Beginning of the Death March

Japanese interrogating American POW's on Corregidor
Americans captured on Kiska Island



  Col. Hugh Straughn, an American Guerrilla being interrogated
He was later beheaded by the Kempetai at the Chinese Cemetery
in Manila 11/1/1943

Japanese Navy Soldier guarding POW's at Wake Island

Wainwright surrendering Corregidor

The fortunate few / MacArthur and Staff back on Corregidor              

At left / Cruel and inhuman  propaganda leaflet dropped on Bataan positions in early 1942. Were these measures really necessary? 

Yamashita in Manila after the surrender.


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Mary said...

Very interesting blog. I would like to know the source of the photo captioned: Japanese interrogating American POW's on Corregidor.
Would it be possible for me to get permission to publish the photo?