Friday, November 28, 2008

Photos from National Archives Oct/2008

Lt General Shigemori Kuroda, Commanding General
in the Philippines in 1943, shown waiting in
Yokohama prison for transfer to Omori Prison
Camp, where he will await trial for War Crimes.

Margaret Utinski decked out with Campaign Ribbons
What? Is that a Philippine Campaign Ribbon on the bottom?

A Liberated Johnathon Wainwright being served tea in Japan

Happy reunion between Percival, MacArthur and Wainwright?

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Anonymous said...

Hi Robert -
I find this picture most ironic and appreciated the "?" at the end. One of the stories that I've heard of General Wainwright (and I can't verify it) is that when he was released from POW camp and finally found his way back to the General Staff, he went to see MacArthur while he was having lunch at some Officer's Mess. The General refused to see Wainwright, who, with great courage, made his way inside to the table, where he
fell to his knees apologizing to MacArthur for having surrendered to the Japanese. MacArthur's response was to pretty much ignore General Wainwright. The expressions on these men's faces pretty much tells the untold story
of the relationship. How "happy" it all was remains a serious question. However, being my grandfather's granddaughter, I can only doubt the happiness of the situation.....
Sincerely, Morgan