Sunday, June 22, 2008


Philippine civilians were killed by the Japanese as reprisals for guerrilla attacks. This young girl was murdered and left in a creek bed in the village of Bingas, Llocos Norte Province on April 9th, 1945. The fact that her underwear are missing is an indication that she was molested prior to being murdered.

I will ask all who view this photograph: what threat did this small child pose to the Japanese Army? What kind of country produces monsters in vast numbers who murder children such as the young girl above in wholesale quantities for sheer sport and recreation? Can any one of you not be outraged to this day for such events that occurred in obscurity so many years ago? Does it not make your blood boil and stir your passion for the light of truth to expose such dark events. Can we not call evil, EVIL? Are we content to let bygones be bygones? Can we not speak the truth rather than whisper it for fear of political ramifications? Will we view the murder of innocent children as the debris of war or collateral damage? Can you even imagine the terror in this child's heart in the last moments of her short life? Can you not hear the echo's of her screams in the halls of history? Does it not bring an immense sadness to your heart as it does mine?

The picture speaks for itself. No soliloquy on my part can imbue this one tragedy with any greater effect than to simply gaze upon the lifeless body of this young child.

It is acts like these that compel me to action. My only weapons are my words. Yet, it is often words that change perceptions and attitudes. When history is written it is important that small voices be heard in addition to the prevailing word. Who will tell us when our power of perception is to become the measure of things?

Robert Hudson

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