Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Robert Hudson / Son of a POW

Greetings to all who were curious enough to get this far into this blog. Since I do not have the time and am not knowledgeable enough to maintain a website, this will serve my purpose. We sons and daughters of former POW's of the Japanese have a unique perspective on the viciousness, brutality and inhumanity of war. In particular the inhumanity that exists outside of battle. When the heat of battle is exhausted and the victors have to deal with the human spoils of war, then the true character of the victorious soldier nation comes to light. We know the true character of the Japanese soldier firsthand from the lips of our surviving fathers and the bleached bones of our fathers that lay beneath the sea and earth in the land of the Philippines. Robert Hudson


John said...

Sir, great work on your Bilibid roster! 1st.Sgt.Clifton Otto Snodgrass was my great uncle. He never spoke to anyone about his time as a "guest of the emperor". For me, it's great to see people like you and others to help family members doing research. I do have verified Cliff's locations and dates in the Philippines if your are interested. Thanks again for the GREAT WORK.

John H

Jerry Gobble said...

Hello Mr. Hudson, my name is Jerry Gobble, my Great-Uncle PhM1C Robert Neal Gallaher USN was a prisoner of the Japanese and died October 24,1944 at the sinking of the Arisan Maru. I am researching his POW time and any insight you might have would be greatly appreciated.
The unknown quote you have on you blog is from the epic poem "Horatius at the Bridge" by Thomas Babington Macaulay (1800-1859) published in 1842, below is the original text.

Then out spake brave Horatius,
218 The Captain of the gate:
219 "To every man upon this earth
220 Death cometh soon or late.
221 And how can man die better
222 Than facing fearful odds,
223 For the ashes of his fathers,
224 And the temples of his Gods,

Respectfully Yours,
Jerry Gobble

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Hudson,
I am a local historian in research of Mukden POW Camp. I am interested in getting in touch with you for my research purposes. Here is my email address:
Please advise.
Thanks and best regards,
Yang Jing
Mukden Allied POW Camp Studies
Shenyang University,
Shenyang China